Welcome to ItFits-toolkit

Tailored implementation: evidence-based support for implementing change in health care, cure, and prevention


ItFits includes a repository of evidence-based programs that you and your team can search to select a program for primary cancer prevention to implement. The repository provides information about objectives, working principles, and the strength of proven effects of over 150 primary cancer prevention programs.



The toolkit helps you to adapt the program of your choice to ensure it fits well with your target group and the environment where you want to implement. The toolkit provides guidance in deciding what to adapt and what not so your program is ready to implement.


ItFits helps you to identify implementation goals and the range of barriers to being able to achieve those goals. It also provides guidance on how to prioritise these goals and barriers.


The toolkit provides guidance on matching barriers with a range of potential solutions to those barriers. These solutions are implementation strategies that others have used before to help overcome barriers in a range of situations.


Using the selected strategies, ItFits helps you to design an actionable implementation plan that is aligned with the needs and possibilities of your team and organisation. The work plan specifies who does what when and includes a plan for evaluating implementation success.

Review & Apply

ItFits provides guidance on appling the implementation strategies to implement the program of your choice. It helps you to keep track of progress and review the impact of your implementation work.


Be pragmatic

Focus on realistic, achievable, next steps.

Be focused

Focus on one thing at a time, don’t try to do everything at once.

Be organized

Each step needs an identified owner to take responsibility for delivery.

Be different

Do not only focus on things that you feel most comfortable with or the things you would normally do.

Be flexible

The same solution may not work for everyone, so be prepared adapt your plans and ideas.

Be open

Listen to and value your stakeholders’ knowledge and experience.