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Welcome to ItFits-toolkit

Tailor implementation strategies to your needs and capabilities


ItFits provides guidance on how to identify implementation goals and the range of barriers to being able to achieve those goals. It also provides guidance on how to prioritise these goals and barriers.


ItFits provides guidance on how to match barriers with a range of potential solutions to those barriers. These solutions are implementation strategies that others have used before to help overcome barriers in a range of situations.


ItFits provides guidance on how to design your implementation strategies, how to adapt them to the needs of the people and organisations you are working with.

Review & Apply

ItFits provides guidance on how to apply the implementation strategies you have chosen to focus on and on how to review the impact of your implementation strategies. 

A tool to facilitate implementation of eHealth interventions

In recent decades, large amounts of time and money have been put into the development, testing, and implementation of eHealth for a wide range of health problems, in the physical as well as the mental domains. Nevertheless, very few eHealth interventions make it into routine care, and those that do take many years to get there.

The ItFits-toolkit provides a step-by-step framework for data-driven tailored implementation of evidence-based eHealth services. It was developed and evaluated in the ImpleMentAll study to support effective implementation of Internet-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy across 8 European countries, and Australia.




Be pragmatic

Focus on realistic, achievable, next steps.

Be focused

Focus on one thing at a time, don’t try to do everything at once.

Be organized

Each step needs an identified owner to take responsibility for delivery.

Be different

Do not only focus on things that you feel most comfortable with or the things you would normally do.

Be flexible

The same solution may not work for everyone, so be prepared adapt your plans and ideas.

Be open

Listen to and value your stakeholders’ knowledge and experience.